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CoinTracking as the name states has the potential and tools for tracking and reporting activities (illegal) done with cryptocurrencies. There are many actions that take place when trading on exchange platforms; sometimes, people end up falling into scams, fraud or theft or even false trades, the responsibility of CoinTracking is to analyze trade and take necessary measures to make sure trading is successful or done in a more convenient environment.

In the analysis, they analyze your profits, check if you have realized and unrealized gains in possession. They even check for taxes and report in case of irregularities. There are over 6000 currencies, CoinTracking provides you with an overview on each one of them; this is how reliable and active they are.

However, CoinTracking has a reputation of having over 300,000 Active Users and in possession of historical data from 9 years’ ago. You can sign up for free on the site. There are videos on the site that will help you know how to use CoinTracking and everything the site is all about.

Features of CoinTracking

1. Charts and Analysis: CoinTracking has tools that displays crypto charts and analyze them according to the current situation of the market.

2. Tax Declaration: Since, they track, monitor and report trade activities, users can’t evade tax. However, with respect to the countries, there are different parameters for each one of them.

Pros & Cons

1 :Transparent and reliable.
2 :In possession of historical data from 9 years ago.
3 :Analyzes, Tracks and Reports trading activities.
4 :Safe and secure