• Ethereum +4.94
    $243.35 +2.07%
  • Bitcoin +98.64
    $9,316.67 +1.07%
  • DigitalCash +2.44
    $73.96 +3.41%
  • Cardano +0.01
    $0.1331 +8.12%
  • Ripple +0.00
    $0.2030 +2.22%
  • Ethereum Classic +0.07
    $6.48 +1.09%
  • Litecoin +0.67
    $44.86 +1.52%
  • Trigger +0.00
    $0.1845 +0.00%
  • WarpCoin +0.00
    $0.01863 +0.00%

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