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Game-changing Blockchain Casino Technology

YOU ONLY NEED to visit Las Vegas once to understand the true grandeur of the gambling mirage. Where casinos exist, there’s money to be made. Your only decision as an investor is which side of the tables you want to be on. With FunFair (FUN), you have a ground-floor opportunity to get in before the rebirth of online gambling brings a new wave of growth.

FunFair’s founders have a track record of innovation in the gaming industry. While at Nintendo in the ‘80s, co-founder Jez San pioneered the first 3D graphics-based games before starting PKR, which grew into a top online poker site. Jeremy Longley, in charge of the tech as CTO, has over 15 years’ experience managing technology teams. David Greyling, formerly International Managing Director at William Hill, is the Chief Operating Officer.

Headquartered in London, FunFair isn’t building an online casino. Having raised $26 million through their ICO, the team is using Ethereum to build white label blockchain casino technologies that are protected from hacking and offer unrivaled transparency for gamers. “The casino operators that license this technology don’t need any servers, says San. “Usually one of their biggest costs is the server infrastructure, an enormous number of servers living on a remote island somewhere that run the games. With the technology we’ve invented, the blockchain is our servers. We run all the casino games inside smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.”

Circulating Supply:5,010,848,189 FUN


The Hive Index lets you buy & hold a basket of cryptos, including FUN.